Durian fruit is one of  the top must-to- try Vietnam fruit . There are two kinds of favorite Durian fruit in Vietnam: Monthong durian and Ri6 durian that are popular and will be exported by our team . We supply Frozen Durian whole, with seed and Frozen Durian without seed.

Durian fruit – ugly appearance fruit

Durian fruit – ugly appearance fruit

Durian is a ugly and thorny fruits grown in Southest Asia, especially in Vietnam,Thailand,Malaysia and Indonesia. Although being a same outlook, the taste of durian grown in different countries are not the same, there is only a common of them, which is the super strong smell.

Vietnam durian is popular but the cost to buy a durian in the North is never low, the reason is that durian could not be cultivated in the North, they only adapt the climate in the South and the transportation and preservation for this fruit is not easy.

Durian fruit – The world smellest fruit


There is a funny fact that not all local Vietnamese could eat Durian, the reason is because of its strong smell. If most of Westerners will find its smell disgusting, maybe a half of Vietnamese people feel the same way. Therefore, although being called the King of fruit and have millions of fan, durian is still the fruit that is hated the most in the world.

Durian- The most ever wonderful taste

Vietnam Durian

Despite durian’s awful smell, it taste well. It reminds you of custard, almonds, vanilla, and some say even caramel. It’s not the sweetest fruit, but the contrast between the awful smell and the pleasant taste really impresses people.

Unlike durian in Thai, Malaysia and Indonesia, Vietnamese durian is so soft tastes as if it melts in mouth. And, in Vietnam, people do not only eat raw durian but use it to make many kinds of delicious dessert.

Durian fruit- The Blue Cheese of Fruit

Vietnam durian

Durian is often described as ‘the blue cheese of fruit’ and as a fruit with a distinctively unique flavor and smell. The strong odor and thick hard skin with sharp thorns make it differ from the rest of the fruit world. “It was just like the best cheese dessert you could have”, describes one brave taster. So if you are a big fan of cheese, Durian is something that you simply cannot miss when visiting Vietnam and the Mekong Delta.

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