The organic durian fruit and drug-dipped durian fruit can be distinguished by those criteria:

From Spines and stalks:

Organic durian
Organic durian

Natural ripe durian pressing lightly on the stem, there will be a feeling of wet stalk, even the plastic is still flowing and fresh, new spines, hard green, and chemically absorbed durian is the opposite.

If the durian is pressed with medicine, usually people will pick the green fruit from the tree and bring it back with medicinal vinegar. Due to longer storage time, the fruit is often wilted, rotten or spiny, bruised and darkened. Meanwhile, with naturally ripe durian, when gently pressing on the stem with your finger, there will be a feeling of wet stalk, even the sap is still flowing and fresh, the spines also look fresh, hard green. 

From the surface of the peel:

Organic durian

With fissures, when pressed, the flesh will be as hard as a rock and the hand will be yellow as if you have just touched the dye, then the chemical soaked durian. Natural ripe durian has softer flesh.

Durian segments:

Vietnam Organic Durian
Vietnam Organic Durian

With naturally ripe durian, it will be easy to separate the segments, the segments are golden, greasy and the durian flesh is very smooth. In contrast, ripe durian pressed by chemicals is difficult to separate the segments, the segments are light yellow, very pale, and the durian meat is also more tender.

Durian taste:

Cai Mon durian

Durian fruit is soaked in chemicals, when ripe, there is no characteristic strong scent, sometimes no smell. The natural ripe durian fruit has a pleasing aroma that can still be smelled from far distance.

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